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  • Kalamata Olives & Humus £5.70

    Kalamata Olives and bread

  • Garlic Bread (v) £3.50

    Oven baked Garlic Pita Bread

  • Tzatziki (v) £4.30

    Traditional Greek Yogurt Dip with Garlic Cucumber Dill and Olive oil served with pita bread

  • Melitzanosalata £4.50

    Greek favourite Dip made with aubergines, tahini, galric roast bell peppers, parsley and Olive oil served with pita bread .

  • Tirokafteri (v) £4.30

    Greek favourite spicy Cheese dip with feta, jalapenos peppers paprika and olive oil served with pita bread .

  • Humus (v) £4.20

    Homemade Chickpeas dip with garlic Tahini Olive oil and Lemon juice served with pesto and pita bread .

  • Ntolmades (v) £5.50

    Rolled Vine leaves with Rice and Herbs served with tzatziki and pita bread .1

  • Oven baked feta cheese (v) £5.50

    Feta baked in oven with paprika, peppers, onions oregano and olive oil.

  • Prawn saghanaki £6.25

    Prawn saghanaki with ouzo Peppers feta cheese in a tomato Sauce.

  • Kalamari £6.50

    Home battered calamari rings With garlic mayo and lemon.

  • Maridaki £5.70

    Home battered whitebait.

  • Simply Grilled Sardines £5.95

    Served with lemon, olive oil And oregano.

  • Saghanaki (v) £5.50

    Pan fried kefalotiri cheese.

  • Garlic King prawns £5.95

    Humus with pesto olives and pita bread

  • Courgettes (v) £4.15

    Fried Courgette chips served with garlic mayo and lemon

  • Spanakopitakia (v) £4.70

    Shallow fried Spinach, and feta cheese parcel.

  • Goat cheese and figs parcels £5.95

    Juicy figs with goats cheese and herbs wrapped in crispy pastry drizzled with balsamic glaze

  • Ghigandes (v) £4.50

    Oven Baked Giant butter Beans in tomato sauce served with pita bread .

  • Garlic mushrooms (v) £5.95

    Creamy garlic mushrooms served with toasted bread.

  • Chicken Livers £4.50

    Pan fried chicken livers cooked with mavrodaphne greek red sweet wine with onions and pine kernels

  • Char grilled Greek sausage £4.95

    Char grilled leek sausage served with olive oil, lemon and English mustard dressing served with pita bread.

  • Meat balls £5.70

    Homemade meat balls cooked in a tomato and herb sauce,served with pita bread .

  • Mezze to share for 2-4 or more people( vegetarian option on request ) £17.95 for 2 people /£28.95 for 4 people

    Selection of starters and dips including all the dips, calamari, white bait, stuffed vine leaves, butter beans, sausage, courgettes and aubergine chips, kefalotiri cheese, spinach and feta cheese parcels .

  • Bruschetta (v) £4.90

    Bruschetta with tomato, feta cheese and Olive oil


  • Kotopoulo Kozanis £14.95

    Chicken breast cooked with cream and saffron served with roast potatoes and asparagus

  • Chicken Breast £14.95

    Chicken breast with tarragon, mushrooms and creamy Metaxa brandy sauce

Oven Baked

  • Mousaka £14.95

    Traditional oven Baked Mousaka with beef and pork mince, potatoes aubergines and bechamel sauce

  • Vegetarian Mousaka (v) £13.50

    Traditional oven baked Vegetarian Mousaka with potatoes aubergines quorn mince topped with bechamel sauce


  • 28 day mature fillet steak 8oz £19.95

    Simply grilled served with Portobello mushrooms grilled tomato.

  • Chicken souvlaki £14.50

    Home made breast of chicken souvlaki served with home made double fried Chips,pita bread and Tzatziki.

  • Pork Souvlaki £13.50

    Pork loin Souvlaki served with pita bread home made double fried Chips and Tzatziki served with garnish salad

  • Lamb Souvlaki £17.95

    Char grilled rump of lamb souvlaki served with home made double fried chips, Pita Bread and Tzatziki.

  • Mix Souvlaki £15.50

    Rump of Lamb, chicken breast and pork loin souvlaki served with home made double fried chips, tzatziki, pita bread and garnish salad


  • Lavraki £16.95

    Pan roasted fillet of Sea bass Served with pesto mash potato

  • Mpakaliaros £14.95

    Oven roasted Cod Loin Served with (Skordalia) Garlic mash potato and asparagus .

  • Sardines £14.50

    Pan roasted Atlantic sardines Served with roast potatoes,Lemon Olive oil and Oregano dressing.


  1. Home made double fried Chips £3.00
  2. Roast Potatoes £2.90
  3. Garlic mash or plain £2.50
  4. Green Bean £2.80
  5. Sautéed Greens £3.90
  6. Asparagus £3.90
  7. Spinach £3.90
  8. Sweet potatoes fries £3.00
  9. Halloumi Chips £5.70

Steak Sauces

  1. Pepper Sauce          £2.80
  2. Mushroom Sauce    £2.80


  • Greek Salad £5.95

    Traditional Greek salad with Cucumber Tomato Red onion Peppers Feta cheese Olive oil and oregano.

  • Mixed leaf salad £3.95

    with house dressing.


  • Sea Food Platter £34.95 /£55.95

    To share for 2 or 4.

  • Vegetarian Platter £28.95/£46.95

    Vegetarian platter to share for 2 or 4.

  • Mix grilled meat Platter £32.95 /£55.95

    For 2 or 4 to share .

All of our sauces are free from gluten, any starters that contain normal bread can be change to gluten free bread or gluten free pita bread.

Please ask your server for further details.

All meat weights Denoted are uncooked. (v) Denotes vegetarian dishes, (n) Denotes dishes containing nuts or traces of nuts. Due to the presence of nuts in our restaurant, there is a small possibility that nut traces may be found in any of our items.

All prices are inclusive of VAT

Special Dishes

  • Arni stifado £16.95

    Slow braised Lamb shank cooked with silver skin onions Red wine tomato sauce served with mash potatoes and asparagus.

  • Kleftiko £16.95

    Traditional braised Lamb shank Served with roast Potatoes asparagus and feta cheese .

Ithaca Wine List

White Wines

1. Pinot Grigio Dea del mare – Sicily  (Italy)
Crisp and light with a mouthwatering zesty finish   £16.95 /175ml 5.10/ 250ml 6.20

2. La Paz Sauvignon central valley (Chile)(House White)

Pleasing lime and grapefruit aromas with fresh pear and crisp dry flavours

£15.95/ 175ml £5.10/ 250ml £6.20

3. Chardonnay – Woolpunda (South Australia)
Attractive honeydew, melon and citrus aromas and flavors with a soft and rounded finish.     £18.50

4. Sauvignon Blanc – Cantus, Casablanca (Chile)
Exuberant and fruity, packed full of grassy, tropical flavours with a lovely tangy finish.



5. Pinot Grigio Blush ‘Antico Casale’ – Veneto (Italy)
Floral blackcurrant aromas, soft medium fruit flavours

£16.95 / 175ml £5.10 / 250ml £6.20


6. Cabernet Sauvignon – Cantus, Valle Central (Chile)
Smooth ripe dark fruits with rich cassic and sweet spices.

£17.95  /

7. Merlot ‘Rocca Bastia’ – Veneto (Italy)
Dark ruby red, full plummy palate with a supple finish.

£16.95  /175ml £5.10  / 250ml £6.20

8. Shiraz – Water Stop Station (South Australia)
Soft and rounded with ripe plums and blackberries.

£16.95  / 175ml £5.10 / 250ml £6.20

9. Malbec – El Supremo, Mendoza (Chile)
Classic spicy and peppery bouquet with a sweet dark berried fruit and
a hint of oak.


10. Rioja Crianza – Bodega Vallemayor, Rioja (Spain)
Lively garnet red colour, rich complex aromas with an elegant yet full palate – long smooth finish with gentle oak characters.


Sparkling Wines

11. Prosecco Spumante ‘La Pieve’ – Veneto (Italy)
Stylish fragrant and delicate with an attractive light mousse, upfront grapey bouquet and an off-dry palate.


12. Rose Prosecco Spumante ‘Mionetto’ – Veneto (Italy)
Classic pink sparkler – deeply coloured and textured with plenty of sweet fruit character and gentle fizz.


Greek White wine

13. Lantides 5 Senses
Beautiful medium dry wine from the Peloponnese region

£17.95 /175ml£5.10 /250ml £6.20

14. Genesis Roditis – Sauvignon Blanc
Chamomile, white flowers, green apple aromas, Dry with spicy white
pepper finish.

15. Ergo Sauvignon Blanc
Wine with characteristic freshness and intense aromas, exotic fruits such as pear, pineapple and lemon blossom.


Greek Red Wines

16. Nemea Lantides
Red wine vinification method including diffusion and storage in oak barrels for 14 months. Gentle tannins, rich body and a balance between acidity, barrel and fruit.


17. Genesis Merlot
Xinomavro Perfume of ripe mulberries and red cherries is enhanced by the freshness of wild flowers, pine and herbs. Palate shows a crisp acidity and fine-grained tannin over the vibrant, spicy fruit. Long, harmonious and pure finish.

18. Cava lantides
Red wine vinification method including diffusion and storage in oak barrels for 24 months up to bottling, followed by storage in wine cellars for a further 12 months. Strong tannins, great body, and a good balance between acidity and alcohol promise one of the best wines produced by Lantides..


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